Martijn Tijsma Design

Laser Islands

Category: Graduation

Year: 2008

In 2008 I graduated from Delft Technical University. I did my graduation project for Laserpromotions in Leiden, a company that develops interactions and games with laser beams, as well as laser shows.

I designed a new laser game aimed at children called Laser Islands. In this very active game children play as a team, they run and jump from island to island trying to avoid the moving laser beams.

Contact sensitive tiles (the islands) are scattered over a large playfield. Multiple small pillars are placed against the outer wall of the playfield, shooting laser beams. The players have to avoid the laser beams and stand on a tile that lights up.

Video game elements are used in this game, with the purpose to keep players more engaged. The game has a simple narrative (defeat the pirates and find the treasure) with animations played on a screen. The game is divided in short levels, which increase in difficulty. After successfully completing a level the players receive a reward in the form of an animation.

The game consists of modular components that can easily be assembled, which makes the game easy to set up, but also scalable.

I built a prototype of the game and tested it with a group of children.

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Martijn Tijsma