Martijn Tijsma Design

Royal Agiba

Category: Freelance

Year: 2008

Concept for a theatre laser show in a new holiday resort at the coast of Egypt. At the edge of the water a large theatre is imagined that can seat a 1000 guests. The spectacular night-time show tells an old Egyptian fairytale of a princess which is captured by pirates and is eventually saved by the ancient sun god Ra.

The theatre is designed as a huge Egyptian bastion, with a playing field for actors on two sides of the water. The night-time show features many special effects including: cannons, fire, a huge inflatable animatronic, fountains, video and laser projections on a water screen, laser effects and a pirate ship that eventually breaks in two pieces.

During day-time another show will be held, aimed at children, which uses some of the special effects, i.e. the dancing fountains.

For this project I made some visualizations of how the bastion and the shows will look like.

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Martijn Tijsma