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Digital Review

Category: Web design

Year: 2010

For the Stichting Kinderoncologie Nederland (SKION) I helped develop tools for review of the diagnosis of children with cancer.

Review is conducted with expert pathologists and child oncologists from different academic hospitals in the Netherlands. The goal of a review is to set a classifying diagnosis, or in some cases to assess an already set diagnosis.

The experts need both information (such as patient history and lab results) and slides (in this case biopts of bone and bone marrow) to set a diagnosis. Reviews are organized for multiple tumor groups. Each tumor group has its own group of experts, its own case report forms and its own logistics.

With the digital review project we develop a set of tools for these specialists. We developed a web application for viewing and entering patient information and to streamline the logistics.

Linked to the web application is server with digitized slides, these are high resolutions scans of biopts (up to 1 GB per image). We also use videoconferencing for meetings with the experts.

Besides managing the technological side of this project I was also responsible for the front-end of the web application.

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Martijn Tijsma